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Be Google Student Ambassador from Trunojoyo University

Yeah! \(^^)/ just a few days before an important day for me. Google Summit 2013. Who aren’t want to be part of Google?
An email that really surprised me. Exact date of May 13, 2013 an email was sent to me. At that time i got two e-mail. The one is a notification email from my professor at college if moved forward. And I was surprised to read the other email. The subject is Did You Make It as a Google Student Ambassador? . The subject make me shocked. I immediately open the second email after reading an email from the lecturer. And jreng jreng .. This is a very surprising email:

I read the email word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph. Yes, because I still feel goose bumps and could not believe that email is to me. First sentence, the second sentence, and the next would make me speechless .. hehe
How can I just believe it, I read again from the top. And it's certainly true, to me. And yeah! \ (^ ^) / I have been choose to be Google Student Ambassador South East Asia 2013.
* The registration process is quite tiring
I know the information about the GSA SEA 2013 registration about two weeks before the close of registration. To register be a student ambassador google, I must to prepare some thing. A letters of recommendation, letter active as a student, and a killer short video. Initially I was hesitant to register. Because honestly, my english is still below average. However, after I thinking again, this was my golden opportunity to be able to more "touch" google. And of course I can connect campus with google.

Because my time about two weeks before closing, I started to take care of some of the important requirements. I invited a few friends to sign up too, my intention if I do not qualify, from the campus must exist to qualify, at least one. It was my intention from the beginning. I invite classmates and also my senior. However, they seem less interested. 

I was plan, I use the first week to make the necessary papers. However, there are only troble, that I might not tell here. Many complicated,  I almost gave up. Until finally decided to contact  my trustees lecturer for consultation and ask for a letter of recommendation as well. And of course about he process. I asked a few things including my CV, my trustees lecturer would not carelessly give you a letter of recommendation :), then I contacted my lecturer Trustees scholarship. I also asked for a recommendation from him. And Alhamdulillah, finally they give recommendations to me. And it's all on the second week, about 2-3 days before the day of closing.

The third important letter I've got. Now live video. I have some ideas about the video that i would working on. But, nothing. All failed. I did some recording on campus, until I was scolded by a security guard because I went to upstairs without permission .. hehe


And again I was scolded by security during take video in front of the rector building. And all failed. Bit desperate. Tired too. I finally slam the steering wheel. Because less than the closing day of registration. I made a video in harbour and without edit [except cutting up the video, because a maximum of 1 minute].
Mantab. I was scared when I saw the another video on youtube. Crazy, they are very creative. And this is my video..

After I upload the video. I can finally sleep at around 1am , and even then sleeping in front of the laptop. I've woken up at 3 am.  I must having to drive mysister in boarding house to the salon, make make up because that day is the day of graduation. Oh my god, my mind is still in shambles because I have not finished the GSA registration. But I still drive her to a salon, because I definitely would feel the same way later. :D
After that, I immediately open the GSA  registration form, and a short story I finished all the content :)) 

* Back to the e-mail
Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah .. very grateful for the one point. Now I am a part of google. [Sich well not valid, because the summit held tomorrow on June 19, less than 2 weeks .. hehe]. #Eh honestly I hope the summit in Singapore like the last year, #but the summit this year  in Jogja: D Alhamdulillah .. :))

The point, I need the prayer from all my friends where hope all can walking well :))
**Thanks for ibuk , my sisters, my brothers to the prayers,
**Thanks for Mrs. Andharini, Mr. Imron, Mr. Firdaus, and Mr. Khamdi :))
**Thanks for my niece who is already take my video :D
**Thanks for my friends who filled his inbox with my sms for borrowed camera, thanks nurul that ultimately I can borrow your camera .. hehe
**Thanks for my sisters in boarding house, especially Ms. uhty on borrowing me the motor and modem .. hehe  

nb : in indonesia

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