Senin, 24 Maret 2014

Database Practicum

Hi All,

Welcome to Database Practicum!

In this section, you can know about what you must learn and do. 

Practicum contract

Database Module

You can download the 1st module in this link.

and 2nd Module - 5th Module in this link.

Template for Report

You can download the template of
  • Chapter 3 ( Tugas Pendahuluan)
  • Report Template : (sama seperti praktikum lainnya)
    Struktur Laporan (Soft Copy / Hard Copy) - INDIVIDU :
    1. Cover
    2. Bab I   : Pendahuluan
    3. Bab II  : Dasar Teori
    4. Bab III : Tugas Pendahuluan
    5. Bab IV : Pembahasan + Tugas Tambahan
    6. Bab V  : Penutup

For Collection of Your Report : 

  • E-mail   :
  • Subject : BASDAT_MODULX_NIM ( contoh : BASDAT_D2_MODUL1_110411100099 )
  • File name : BASDAT_MODULX_NIM.pdf ( contoh : BASDAT_D2_MODUL1_110411100099.pdf ) 
**Maksimal H-1 Sebelum Praktikum Selanjutnya (untuk modul 1-3 mohon segera dikirim)**Hindari Plagiasi
**Bagi yang tidak sesuai dengan format di atas mohon maaf jika nilai untuk modul tersebut tidak keluar atau 0.

Data List of Assistance Database Practicum

>> or open this link

Additional Assignment for 1st Module

1. Mention numeric data types that exist in the database, and what's the difference?
2. When is your use the data types that you are previously mention?

Notes : 

#1 For My "praktikan" to "Asistensi" must gether, specify the schedule and for "komting" contact me please.

Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

Do you have a lot of problems? Make it on your hand and Let's fun

Problems. I think , all of human in the world have problems. But, what is the definition of problem? How are become the problem? Why is being problem?

A few days ago, i had some problem. Maybe a little problems for some people, but a big problem for me. Code(), yeah, Code(). I'm student of informatics engineering, but i had some problem to implementation the algorithms to code(), my friends call this activity is "nyintax", make some syntax ..haha,  *Ups, Back to the problem. And now i'm on 6th semester, so i must better "nyintak". And I always thought about it. And made it like "problem".

I met with my seniors, One of them is mas Wahyu, yap!. I consider him as my brother. Sometimes, if he talk about something, i will get something new and inspiration. He sit beside me, and just kept silent. But, suddenly he took me by the hand. And put his smartphone to my palm. And asked some question,

Mas Wahyu : "whether it is heavy?"
Me             : "No"

He asked again,
Mas Wahyu :  "What if "it" is placed there overnight?whether it is heavy?"

I have not had time to reply, and he continued his sentence

"as well as a problem, if you thought about it constantly then it will feel heavy."

I smiled :)) and promise to my self that i can solve my problem, and not think about something constantly and make them heavy, i can make them easy :D

Have fun :D

*maybe he knew that i had some problem from my face,hehe.