Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

I hate late but, i was late

Hello everyone!

Today i get up belated.  Astaghfirullah, i was sad. I promise to myself to don't over it anymore. Hufh,, i feel resentful, sad, anything not comfort. I set mind on to went to traditional market at 8 o'clock with my niece. Buy some vegetables, side dish, eggs, and cooking spices. I would cook this week, because so long i didn't cooking and really miss this activities.
in short, i went to back to my boarding house. i would cook at quickly. Ah, unfortunately, our kitchen was very dirty. i don't like it. So, i should clean our kitchen, and of course . Huft, and i have done at 11 a.m. Certainly, i must cook as soon as to my belated breakfast.

And on the afternoon, i must sent some packet for My Give Away , and I apologized to the winners of my GA for sending late (^^)v

From today, i get many lesson! I must in time! discipline! and no procrastinating activity. I hate late, but i'm late today. So, i must more discipline and not only me, and for you all. Actually, if i was late, i feel not comfortable, my heart have sound of gulp, and very very not comfort.

2 komentar:

  1. nevermind brooo.....
    better late than never =lebih baik terlambat dari pada tidak sama sekali
    i understand about your mistake...... ( googlenya terlambat sih jadi sampai diundur 2 bulan deh)
    salam kenal dari Topik Nugroho Pemenang Kontes