Rabu, 07 Mei 2014

We are Bidikmisi Student, We must Do a Lot

Bidikmisi is scholarship to outstanding students of economically disadvantaged families, the scholarships aim to motivate them to study harder and achieve to become future leaders of the nation.

I always grateful to Allah that give me this way to attend the lecture. I’m proud to be bidikmisi student. because, I get this scholarship with defensively. I have some story to get this scholarship.

I can’t thinking about some of bidikmisi student who not use this scholarship well. A lot of student who less fortunate. They want to continue their study but they can’t.

Sometimes I’m fed up with bidikmisi student who use the scholarship to shopping. Ok, that is not my business. But, I can’t think about their way to thinking. Government give this scholarship to study and living ( living cost ). Ya, oke, if they were shopping some stuff to their life. Ya ya, but don’t buy something that can’t support your life and study please. * If you want to shopping, let’s work, get some money to shopping. (^^)v

I was shocked when my friend tell me, “don’t worry, once in a while”. Arrgg.
*oke, let me talk to me, “this is not your business Ria..”

I was shocked again that my young friend tell that as a bidikmisi student, we must study study and study. Just study and get high IPK. Oh God. -,-“  * I’m sorry that I’m alay bin lebay

Oke. I think, exactly because we are bidikmisi student, we must do a lot. We will have been showing that we are different. We can’t only study, but do anything that useful. Join with some communities or organizations, create something to solve problems, etc. Be active, be creative, be useful, get achievement, and anything.

**It just my opinion. I just want to inspire myself and maybe can inspire you [as bidikmisi student/ reader] :))

And what is your opinion?

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  1. I am bidikmsi student of STAIN Pamekasan. I agree with you, we must to do a lot.