Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

My First Class !

Today is my first day in class with my bidikmisi friends and LBPP LIA . Intensive English Training Program was held specifically for bidikmisi students. I am Bidikmisi Student, so I shall follow it . I feel happy with this opportunity.

A week ago , I followed the test for class divisions. There are 4 basic classes ( levels Elementary 1 - 4 ). I hope to get a level 1 because I really want to learn English from begin . But a few days ago I read the announcement , and I get in level 4 . I was surprised, because I hope entered at level 1. But, that is the result.. Well , Let me tell you about my first day in class today . :)


My teacher's name is Pepita. She was introduce herself , while a kid, she lived in USA because his father was assigned there . She was actually not a graduate of the English Education, but a graduate of International Relations. I learned a lot today :)

As some with other first classes, we become acquainted. After that we began to enter the material. And it is great. All materials today is packaged in some game. Certainly to make us actively speaking and discussion . Funny, unique and I like :)) Impatiently wait my second class on Monday ! :D

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