Minggu, 09 Februari 2014

White Rock Hill in Madura Island

This panorama is about white rock hill. Commonly, i only can see this hill from my campus in Telang, Kamal. But, now i'm here!

Just one hour from my campus. We ( me and 3 my bestfriends ) went to this beautiful place with Plat-M and Historian from Bangkalan. I don't know what is the name of this white rock hill, we just call "the place that produce white stone". But, people around call this place, Perbukitan Kapur Noeng Jaddih. Jaddih is the name of this village. Aa, and the stones will be used to built some buildings.

On the top, we can find cave that built by Japanese when colonize era in Indonesia. It have diameter 40 m x 50 m and height 15 m. Different condition with on the bottom. We can feeling the fresh breeze and beautiful green scenery. 

And the site is managed in such a way that the rest of the area's mining Limestone's nothing resembling a Swimming Pool with a diameter of 40 X 50 meters and in the middle there are springs with a debit per second with ranges from 1900 to 2500 M3. Beautiful :)

Sabtu, 08 Februari 2014

I hate late but, i was late

Hello everyone!

Today i get up belated.  Astaghfirullah, i was sad. I promise to myself to don't over it anymore. Hufh,, i feel resentful, sad, anything not comfort. I set mind on to went to traditional market at 8 o'clock with my niece. Buy some vegetables, side dish, eggs, and cooking spices. I would cook this week, because so long i didn't cooking and really miss this activities.
in short, i went to back to my boarding house. i would cook at quickly. Ah, unfortunately, our kitchen was very dirty. i don't like it. So, i should clean our kitchen, and of course . Huft, and i have done at 11 a.m. Certainly, i must cook as soon as to my belated breakfast.

And on the afternoon, i must sent some packet for My Give Away , and I apologized to the winners of my GA for sending late (^^)v

From today, i get many lesson! I must in time! discipline! and no procrastinating activity. I hate late, but i'm late today. So, i must more discipline and not only me, and for you all. Actually, if i was late, i feel not comfortable, my heart have sound of gulp, and very very not comfort.

Jumat, 07 Februari 2014

My First Class !

Today is my first day in class with my bidikmisi friends and LBPP LIA . Intensive English Training Program was held specifically for bidikmisi students. I am Bidikmisi Student, so I shall follow it . I feel happy with this opportunity.

A week ago , I followed the test for class divisions. There are 4 basic classes ( levels Elementary 1 - 4 ). I hope to get a level 1 because I really want to learn English from begin . But a few days ago I read the announcement , and I get in level 4 . I was surprised, because I hope entered at level 1. But, that is the result.. Well , Let me tell you about my first day in class today . :)


My teacher's name is Pepita. She was introduce herself , while a kid, she lived in USA because his father was assigned there . She was actually not a graduate of the English Education, but a graduate of International Relations. I learned a lot today :)

As some with other first classes, we become acquainted. After that we began to enter the material. And it is great. All materials today is packaged in some game. Certainly to make us actively speaking and discussion . Funny, unique and I like :)) Impatiently wait my second class on Monday ! :D